Author prints novel draft

That’s a picture of London Forces or Do Nothing Twice, the first novel I’ve managed to love enough to complete. (Sorry, You Have to Love People. I’ll get back to you someday.) It’s the fulfillment of a lifelong goal. I first tried to write a novel – a crime novel to be exact – as a pre-internet 4th grader. I didn’t know enough about police procedures to get very far, but I remember wanting to write with a fierce, frustrated passion, and I can see the blue cover of the spiral-bound notebook I used, and the way it looked when I set it down on the creme-colored shag carpeting of our living room.

In a month or two, people will have read this and told me all the ways it needs improvement, and I’ll be ecstatic they didn’t loathe it or despondent that they did. Either way, whatever the future holds for it, I salute you, 4th grade ambition. You finally got your due.

Sir Pagan’s Gift

It’s apparently on newsstands and such, so it’s high time I point out that my story “Sir Pagan’s Gift” appears in the September/October 2014 issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction. I wrote Sir Pagan’s Gift in a quick rush, aided by a fortuitous bet and a New York Times article about Goldman Sachs and the aluminium business, a story that plays itself out a little differently in the world of Sir Pagan. F&SF is a great magazine, and a great print magazine to boot, so support them if you can.