Sir Pagan’s Gift

It’s apparently on newsstands and such, so it’s high time I point out that my story “Sir Pagan’s Gift” appears in the September/October 2014 issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction. I wrote Sir Pagan’s Gift in a quick rush, aided by a fortuitous bet and a New York Times article about Goldman Sachs and the aluminium business, a story that plays itself out a little differently in the world of Sir Pagan. F&SF is a great magazine, and a great print magazine to boot, so support them if you can.

But wait, there’s more!

Clarion 2010 bonus stories are go. I left out a few forthcoming Clarion 2010 classmate stories yesterday. We can look forward to:

John Chu at The Boston Review (!) in a forthcoming issue. I read an early draft of this story at Clarion. I wish I could read it again right now. I have poor impulse control when it comes to good stories.

Dustin Monk in the inaugural issue of Prime Mincer. Can’t wait to read Dustin’s story? (And I don’t blame you.) He has another piece at Aphelion that I quite enjoyed. You will too.

Clarion 2010 powers, activate

One of the best things about Clarion was meeting – in addition to a powerhouse set of terrific instructors – 17 other writers of grace and talent. The wider world is getting a chance to see some of that talent on display in a number of recent publications. To wit:

Karen Tidbek in Weird Tales.
Tamsyn Muir in Fantasy Magazine.
Kali Wallace in Fantasy & Science Fiction.
Adam Israel in Crossed Genres.

Go forth and read their words, arranged artfully.


Wolfram Alpha tells me there are just 73 days until Clarion starts, and I’m starting to feel the weight of all the pages I need to read before I arrive in San Diego. I need to finish City of Saints and Madmen. I need to read Dreamsongs. I need to read Aye, and Gommorah. I’ve got some back issues of Weird Tales on order, plus Delia Baker and Dale Bailey’s works. That’s a lot of reading, and it’s required reading. Urgh.

On the writing front, I managed about 1,500 words today, and they were quality words, not “meet my benchmark” words. That’s 3,000 words in two days for a story that has gradually acquired the flesh and weight indicating it will, sometime this month, emerge naked and squealing into the world.

1,137 pounds

Right now I’m sitting in my office, tinkering with this web page and waiting to hear that a truck is inbound with 1,137 pounds of tile for our bathroom. Who even needs that much tile? Our bathroom is tiny, because in 1882 people apparently regarded bathrooms and closets as disquieting modern indulgences and assigned them as little square footage as possible. Hereabouts they also disdained driveways and garages, so I envision a giant pallet of tile sitting in our yard attracting the attention of feral redecorators searching for 2×6 subway tile. In the meantime, I am writing this post and neither writing in preparation for going to Clarion nor running in celebration of spring and sunshine.


The official list of 2010 Clarion attendees went live yesterday. I can’t quite imagine how I wound up on that list. I’ve known about Clarion for what seems like forever, and always dreamed of going. A plethora of my favorite genre writers have been, as students, instructors, or both. It’s going to be an incredible experience. Time to sharpen my keyboard.