About Some Quality Short Fiction

I’m a bit behind in recommending some of the quality short fiction that’s come out lately. Rather than make overlapping Facebook posts that conflate with one another, I’m going the focused route and combining my recommendations into one mega-post.

First off, my friend and super-talented Clarion classmate Greg Bossert has had two short stories come out in recent days. The first, Smartmob is in the February issue of Shlock Magazine. It’s Greg’s first published horror story and very much worth reading. Plus there’s an interview with Greg and a story by Nathan Ballingrud in the same issue. 

Greg also has a cool and clever cyberpunk story that I was fortunate enough to read as an early draft at Clarion called Two Things About Thrand Zandy’s TechnoThèque. You can find it in the latest issue of the Journal of Unlikely Cryptography.

The estimable Dustin Monk, gentleman and scholar, also has a story (The Street of the Green Elephant) appearing in the latest issue of Shimmer. They even have an interview. Issue 18 of Shimmer is also notable because it’s guest-edited by the great Ann VanderMeer, and it also features a story by Jeff VanderMeer. (I’ll have more to say about his great new novel, Annihilation, soon.) You can get a copy of Shimmer #18 here.