Stories You Should Read

Heyo, readers. You are readers, right, and not the bots that crawl across my website like sad ghosts touching the faces of the living with feathery, unnoticeable hands?

Right, so if you’re a reader, I’d like to highlight three eminently worthwhile short stories that appeared this week thanks to the marvel of the Internet. I’m going to discuss them in reverse alphabetical order by author, because my last name starts with a ‘U’ and I spent my formative years being one of the last ones called in any situation requiring alphabetizing. Reverse-alphabetical order is my small revenge for years of slights. One of them, anyway.

First up we have “The Devil in America” by Kai Ashante Wilson at I’m terrible at reviewing fiction in a way that doesn’t devolve into cliche, but know that this novelette is a beautiful terror and you should read it.

Next, we have “Water in Springtime” by Kali Wallace at Clarkesworld Magazine. This story is lyrical, creepy and shows just why Kali recently inked a two-book deal. You should read it.

“Repairing the World” by John Chu is available at Apex Magazine. I was lucky enough to read an early version of this story, and like all of John’s work, the images and movements of it have stuck with me ever since, a sure sign of great fiction. So yes, you should read it.

Lastly, it’s worth pointing out that, while all these stories are available for free, the publications that make these possible rely on the support of readers like you and me. Consider subscribing and help keep the future filled with quality speculative fiction.