Into the Archives

Spent an hour or so today sorting through the archives of not-yet-converted to mp3 CDs. Always a treat, going through old music like that. Reminds me of the pure joy of finding a nice piece of vinyl with a 50 cent sticker back when I had time to prowl. Nowadays a lot of the old music looks a bit dated. Lots of acid jazz, for example, which I don’t listen to much at the moment. For kicks, I kept a rough count of the bands with the highest CD representation without any recent listening behavior on my part.

The winners, in no particular order:
The Swans (and their sister band/offshoot, Skin); the Rolling Stones; Cypress Hill; Kruder & Dorfmeister; Elvis Costello (ick. that’s on the wife); Thievery Corporation; Nick Cave; Rapoon.

And look! What’s this over here to my right? It’s a juicy pile of new-old CDs to discover again and then digitize. It’s like shopping at the old Wax Trax or Quaker Goes Deaf, but without spending money.