The Class of 2011

Clarion announced the lucky 2011 students today. Congrats go out to: Rebecca Adams, Brooke Bolander, Jim Brady, AnneMarie Buhl, Todd Castillo, Jacob Cholak, Gillian Daniels, Peta Freestone, Dennis Ginoza, Joshua Lewis, Mark Philps, Christopher Stabback, Jasmine Stairs, Andrew Stewart, Erin Stocks, Timothy Susman, Brooke Wonders, and James Worrad.

Getting invited to the 2010 class was a bright, wonderful moment; attending qualifies as one of the best experiences of my life. Also: difficult, painful, exhausting.

Congratulations again and good luck. I hope it works out as well for all of you as it did for me.

(Note: I’m _sure_ my class was the best, but yours could be great. Make the most of it. Embrace that Clarion experience.)