I’m back

After a lengthy lull caused by my poor choice of (former) web hosts and registrars, combined with the widespread forgetting of passwords, I’m pleased to be back at the helm of the site. Woo! Feel the magic.

While I’ve been away, I’ve missed highlighting some quality fiction by good friends and Clarionites.

Dustin Monk’s El Camino in the Therefore I Am anthology.

Leah Thomas’ Shards in Daily Science Fiction.

You can read charming and hyper-multi-talented Leah’s piece right now, just by clicking that link up there. Plus, while you’re doing that, you can download Therefore I am – which has more than just Dustin, although he’s obviously the highlight because he’s an excellent writer and all around great guy – to your e-reader so it’s ready when you’re done with Shards and want something else to read. Such efficiency.